Banner Ads

We offer custom banner designs that you can use on your website, blog or as paid ads on other websites. All we need are the specifications on image size,  file type, artwork such as logo, book cover and author photo, as well a link to a landing page. If you are unsure, we’ll guide you in your selection.

If you would like to advertise on our website by posting a banner ad on our homepage slider, we offer a 30-day option and a 60-day option for a flat fee. These are rotating banner ads.


B Anxiety Free Ad
B Anxiety Free Banner Ad
Awakened Redemption
Awakened Redemption Banner Ad
Pieces of the Heart
Pieces of the Heart Banner Ad
Dark Biology
Dark Biology Banner Ad

A Cup of Christmas Cheer
A Cup of Christmas Cheer
The MacGregor Legacy
The MacGregor Legacy Banner Ad

The Messiah’s Sign
The Messiah's Sign Banner Ad
Saving Mossy Point
Saving Mossy Point Banner Ad


Banner Ads