Blog Tours

Are You a Blogger?

Consider hosting one of our authors on a blog tour during a book launch.Book reviewer image

Blog Tours consist of four options:

1) Book Reviews

2) Author Interviews

3) Author Guest Posts

4) Book Cover & Blurb

If you would like to read the book and post a review, the author or publisher will provide free e-ARCs and/or print ARCs, Advanced Reader Copies. We ask reviewers to post reviews on their blog, as well as any other sites where they may be members or affiliated, such as Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes Noble, Shelfari, and etc. These other sites are not a requirement, only a recommended request.

While we want you to provide an honest review, we require reviewers to be professional, and not trash a book or an author. You can state what you dislike about a book without being rude. If you read a book that you dislike and prefer not to review it, all you need to do is send us an email letting us know. We will provide the option of letting you post the Book Cover & Blurb so you will still have content for your blog that day.

If you do not have time to read an entire book, you can still participate by interviewing the author on your blog or allowing the author to provide a guest post. You can provide your own interview questions or we can provide them for you. Our goal is to make things as simple as possible for our bloggers and authors. If you prefer to post a Book Cover & Blurb, we will send you the cover, back cover description, title, link to amazon, author name and bio with an author photo and the link to their website. All you will have to do is cut and past it to your blog.

If interested, feel free to download the Book Review image included on this page and post it on your website or blog. If possible, we would appreciate link back to our website at: Next, send an email to Jennifer Taylor letting us know you would like to host a blog tour stop. We will put you on our notification list of upcoming blog tours.

Do You Need a Blog Tour for Your Next Book?

Authors have enough to worry about during a book launch with hectic schedules. Allow us to schedule your blog tour to ease your mind and free up some of your time. We have a couple of choices for you to choose from below.

Basic Blog Tour

  • Your book will appear on 15-20 blogs with a mixture of reviews, interviews and guest posts. We believe in providing a variety of content in various formats from blog to blog. 
  • Standard Banner Design which you may use on your blog, website or social media accounts to promote your tour. 
  • Media release written to promote your book and your blog tour and distributed to our media contacts. 
  • Social Media Promotion on our Twitter page with more than 11,000 followers, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. We will also feature you in on our blog in an individual post.
  • Blog Tour List will be provided on our website, including date with link and location of the tour.
  • Giveaways are Optional and will not be required. We realize that publishers provide authors only a few number of books and the cost of postage adds up. If you choose to give away your books or some other gift, that is perfectly fine as well.
Premium Blog Tour

  • A 2-month tour that includes all of the benefits from the Basic Blog Tour
  • Your book will appear on 25-30 blogs with a mixture of reviews, interviews and guest posts. We believe in providing a variety of content in various formats from blog to blog.
  • Basic Video Book Trailer with a length of 30-60 sec, 7-10 still photos, minor effects, 1-2 video footage, 1 song, 1 sound effect, Animated transitions, and script


Sample Blog Tours

Bonnie Doran Blog Tour

 Highland Sanctuary Blog Tour