Book Cover Samples

e-Book Covers

For each e-book cover we create, we provide up to 3 sample covers to choose from, as well as a high resolution digital image, a thumbnail image, and a 3D-Cover image.

Finbar’s Fiddle Cover 1
Finbar’s Fiddle Cover 2
Finbar's Fiddle Cover 2
Finbar’s Fiddle Cover 3
Finbar's Fiddle Cover 3


Print Book Covers

Includes the design for the front, spine and back cover. If a dust jacket is needed for hardback, we create the inside flaps according to your printers specifications. High resolution files of at least 300 dpi are are provided as well. 

Front Cover
Awakened Redemption Front Cover
Dust Jacket Cover
Awakened Redemption Dust Jacket Cover
3D Cover
Awakened Redemption 3D Cover