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Buzz Words Breeds Success

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Buzz words can be a useful #PR tool. Let’s face it, #buzz words make an otherwise boring topic, interesting. In the media world they create excellent sound bytes and noteworthy headlines. Consider it the spice in the mix.
What do you think of when you hear the word Brangelina?

That’s right, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

The reason the media uses buzz words is because they work.

Which is more likely to get your attention?
1) Early Intervention utilizes entertainment as education
2) Edutainment is the new early intervention

The media has been creating buzz words for ages. Greensboro, North Carolina wasn’t always Greensboro. It was incorporated as Greensborough in 1808, but the city’s local newspaper, the Greensboro Patriot kept printing the city’s name as Greensboro...

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Media Release – “The Messiah’s Sign” by Amber Schamel

The Messiah's Sign book cover

The Messiah's Sign

The Messiah’s Sign, Volume Two from the Days of Messiah series is now available. The story brings the Bible to life in a riveting tale of redemption and reconciliation. Amber Schamel carefully weaves Scriptural accounts in her story giving it a unique flare her readers call

“Historical fiction at its finest.”  The Messiah's Sign book cover

“Fresh, unusual, beautiful… just, different than the ordinary Christian novels market.”

“The stories in the Days of Messiah Series seem real and not Christian Fiction at all. Amber Schamel knows how to pull her readers into her stories and makes her readers feel the characters heartaches and pains. I waited forever to get the next book in the series, and The Messiah’s Sign was well worth the wait!”

“I loved how she acknowledged God first and foremost, how she chose the per...

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Media Release – “The Heart Remembers” by Michele Huey

The Heart Remembers

The Heart Remembers bannder


~ The perfect Memorial Day weekend story ~

A tale of enduring love & faithfulness, blending the Vietnam era with today!

About the Book

The Heart RemembersDuring her tour as an Army nurse in Vietnam, Evangeline “Vangie” Martin lost her beloved husband Seth, a Dust Off pilot, to the war when he was declared MIA. Vangie decides it’s time to move on and has Seth declared dead. She heads to a mountain resort for her fortieth high school reunion, hoping to reconnect with her high school sweetheart, but fate has other plans. The resort caretaker is none other than her husband, Seth. With no memory of his life before being shot down, he refuses to acknowledge his true identity.

Vangie must make a decision...

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