Events Coordination

Book Signings, Radio & Podcasts

~ $300~

(Includes 7-10 Events)

Most book signings are arranged with bookstores and/or festivals in your local area, depending on how far you wish to travel and the availability of your books. Large retail and franchises often order the books ahead of time. Any books you do not sell will be returned. However, they may ask you to sign a few and leave them. These books will remain on the shelves until they are sold.

If you are self-published or published by a small publisher, your books may not be available at your local bookstores. If this is the case, we recommend hosting a book signing event to launch your book at your church and/or a local library or a nearby club. We will help you coordinate the event and provide guidance on how to prepare in advance. You will need to provide your books and have multiple methods of payment available. This means you will need to be able to handle cash payments and make change, as well as provide credit card payments via your phone and/or tablet via Paypal or Square.

You may also consider local events that have a connection with a topic in your book. For instance, if you write historicals, we could try to schedule a book signing at a nearby Renaissance Faire. If you write books set in Scotland, we could research local highland games. We will help you with creative ideas.

Radio and podcasts are generally online unless we are able to get you scheduled on a local radio show in your area. Most of these will be segments taped in advance, but some may be live on air.