Interview with Donna Winters author of “Saving Mossy Point”

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Please welcome, Donna Winters, author of wholesome books for readers 12 and up. Donna and her husband Fred launched the Great Lakes Romances® series in February 1989. She had been writing for Christian publishers with 3 books in print when the Christian romance market took a downturn. They decided to publish Mackinac, the first title in the series, to see how readers would respond. Sales took off and the series expanded over the next 20 years.

UPTR: Donna, how did you decide to write your next book?

DW: I wanted to take a break from historical fiction and write a contemporary story featuring a mature (over 60) heroine. I thought it would be interesting to speculate on what would happen if Michigan’s Upper Peninsula became a separate state. This movement has surfaced from time to time throughout history, but has never gained serious momentum.

UPTR: What kind of research did you have to do? Saving Mossy Point book title

DW: I set the story in the 51st State of Superior, so I needed to learn about the history of the U.P. statehood movement. I also needed to know about Folk Schools and how a high school dropout goes about getting a GED. And I researched lyrics and listened to a few bars from several rock and roll songs of the 50s and 60s. If I tell you about any of the other subjects I researched, I’ll spoil the story for you!

UPTR: What was the most difficult part of writing your book?

DW: Revisions. Usually, I like revising the best, but this time I had to think hard about the best way to improve the story, given my editor’s questions.

UPTR: How did you come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ?  

DW: I credit the boyfriend of the roommate I had when I got my first fulltime job out of college. He taught us about a personal relationship with Jesus and took us to his pastor who led us through the salvation process. I had not learned about the personal relationship with Christ through the church I attended in childhood, so this was a new step of faith.

UPTR: How has your family supported your writing during the years? 

DW: My husband has been an avid supporter, a great salesman in his younger years, and is always eager to take trips to settings important to my stories. My mother was always an avid supporter when she was alive. My father passed away in 1983, long before the publication of my first book in 1985.

UPTR: What is your mission in life?

DW: My mission is to make the world a better place by serving an awesome God!

UPTR: What are you currently working on? A book? A blog? Another ministry?

DW: I am currently working on revising and re-issuing the earlier titles in my Great Lakes Romances© series. I have made it through number four and have several yet to do. I want them all to be available in Kindle and Print on Demand formats.

UPTR: How has God used the journey of writing this book to change or teach you?

DW: In order for me to write this book, I had to learn about interpersonal relationships that do not exist in my own life. I have no children, yet I had to construct what a broken mother-daughter relationship would look like, and why it was broken. My goal with this story was to bring uplifting entertainment and humor to my readers. I hope, with God’s inspiration and the skill of my editor, I have succeeded.

Thank you, Donna!

If you would like to learn more about Donna and her awesome books, visit her at or on amazon. Available in both print and e-book. The Kindle edition is now only $4.99! #SavingMossyPoint

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