Times have changed and these days, authors are expected to spend at least 50% of their time researching and writing, while the other 50% of their time is spent on promoting themselves and their books. In many cases, the ratio can be less on writing and more on promotion. This is where an affordable publicist can become detrimental to an author’s success.

With over a million books published annually in the U.S., authors’ books are competing with 2,000 new books per day. Over two thirds of those books are self-published and/or reprints. The average book sells less than 250 copies, making it hard for authors to make a living at writing. Less than 1% are actually stocked on store shelves. To make matters worse, book sells continue to decline.

Publishers have managed to stay afloat by shifting more marketing responsibilities to authors. Most authors are not marketers and why many are starting to rely more on publicists and marketing firms that have a broader reach, targeted contacts, and proven strategies. Digital Marketing has opened the door to various marketing channels that didn’t exist in the past and made promotion more affordable. This is where Upon the Rock excels – specializing in launching books in the online market.


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